Key Management

I-View Integrated Systems boasts an exceptionally competent and focused management team. Coming from diverse industry backgrounds, our collective experience ensures that we are able to bring together an optimum combination of technical competence, industry specialist knowledge and project delivery capabilities, while maintaining a competitive market-oriented approach. Our management team becomes an integral part of our customers’ experience. We are a truly South African business and strive to always operate in the best interest of our people. The most valuable asset in any service business is its people and the associated intellectual property. As a top priority, the management of I View Integrated Systems reward and retain the best staff in the industry. Staff welfare and continuous development programmes are particular passions of the management team. Our existing skills base as well as the commitment and loyalty of staff members sets us apart from our competitors, giving us a unique advantage that is hard to match.
I-View Integrated Systems have experienced installers understanding the demands put upon the security management of modern premises and facilities. Abreast of the current trends in technology and conversant with the best of the proven products, the company is able to provide a qualified consultancy service.
From detailed specification to comprehensive installation management, the company prides itself in a totally professional and accountable service.
Specifyinga system is a vastly more complicated process than ever before, despite the fact that for the end user, operation has become simplified. The sheer quantity of systems and components available and their potential can be a major headache. Where the demands on the premises are expected to expand in terms of additional functionality – as in the case of integrating other monitoring and control systems, the optimum basic system should be understood.
Understanding your client and being assured of competence is an important aspect in the specifying process. Dealing with security not only means divulging sensitive information but if the system is incorrectly installed the ramifications speak for themselves. Again the knowledge that the installer has the capability to provide a quick response to any problems should be a deciding factor.
I-View utilizes the latest in proven systems and being totally conversant with their operation are able to fully consult on system specification and development.

Operational simplicity is important to properly utilize the benefits; operator frustration can lead to failure and subsequent loss of security. The safety of the commercial environment in a volatile world has become ever more essential. Controlling the flow of those entering and leaving a building and moving within its interior has in many cases become fundamental to the operation of the business. I-View will provide the specifier with the best solution and provide an ongoing preventative maintenance programme that will ensure viability and continuity of the system operation. The I-View Integrated System’s approach is a blended one that includes having a functional team on the ground, one that is responsible for installing, testing, training and support. This on-site team is backed by a skilled complement of technical resources that will remotely access your solution environment in order to deliver the technical Solutions. The program structure assumes that your organization will appointa dedicated project manager to this initiative, as well as dedicated functional and change management resources who will work together with our team in delivering the proposed solution. Your organization will benefit from our local technical experience and global expertise, coupled with our extensive knowledge and experience. We have the capacity and certifications to meet the full spectrum of your requirements. We are a level 1 BEE organization and truly committed to sustainable transformation.